Château de Thésée

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The Chateau de Thésée

Château de Thésée is located in the namesake village, in the heart of the Cher valley. Its 14 hectares of vines extend over the southern slopes of this tributary of the Loire, allowing the chateau’s vines to produce some of the earliest ripening fruit in the Cher valley.

The large farmhouse at the heart of the property is steeped in history and illustrates the region’s rich architecture.

The Cher Valley

The Cher Valley, with its rich history, has been a witness to many thriving vineyards. Well-suited to winegrowing due to its hygrometry and land forms, the region has been home to vineyards since the first century AD. In the Middle Ages, vineyard acreage grew commensurately with the reputation of the wines. The present-day Cher Valley offers a superb viticultural heritage and gorgeous countryside where the top chateaux, wooded estates and characterful vineyards live side by side.

The Vineyards Sites

All of our vineyard sites, which bear the hallmark features of the Touraine Chenonceauxappellation, are on poor soils conducive to growing vines. Beneath them is a limestone bedrock, the remnants of a sea which covered the region in the Upper Cretaceous, 90 million years ago. Due to this, Château de Thésée’s vines never suffer from water stress.

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